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BesT Picnic Resort Near Pune

Agro Tourism located near Urulikanchan Hadapsar is a better option for a family holiday and is one of the best places to stay with your family children.where you can breathe fresh views of the lake and enjoy the nature-centric environment.and Built in the middle of agricultural land, Agro tourism is the perfect place for Pune is to spend their holidays with children.located just a short distance from the city, Agro Tourism will keep you from the fear of “have we not arrived yet” and you will get here before you know about it! children will like the open space here,the beautiful bird house inside,lots of lawns to play, tennis courts, cricket grounds, bicycle rides and other things.

Agro Tourism located near Uralikanchan Hadapsar, just a few kilometers from Pune, attracts fresh air and its natural beauty to its families, and specially designed activities and facilities for children. some of the features here attract bulls besides a bullock cart and a tractor ride.families will love the serene atmosphere here, the game of cricket and the water sports at the serene beach.and where families can enjoy an entire entertaining family holiday.

best family resort near pune

Picnic Resort in Pune



Talking about the facilities, here you will find indoor and outdoor games for children which include carrom, chess, cords, sashidi, painting, pottery and cricket, kabaddi, vitti dandu, football. and the whole family can sit and have a dining table.apart from this, you will be fully satisfied with the facilities for clean washroom, clean changing room food and dining area base and net for the relaxation baggage shelf.


An attractive and welcoming place to visit with your family. One of the most attractive and finest resorts in aggro tourism, where children and adults alike find it entertaining take your kids on a nature walk, take a scenic lake boating ride,catch fresh fish from a traditional fishing rod, and ride a bicycle amidst the greenery on the way or enjoy a game room or kids club while staying at the resort.


A day with family is the best and beautiful place for a picnic and especially the food and breakfast is very tasty.This place is surrounded by amazing greenery around nature, is one of the most beautiful places, which you will come to know here and after coming to this resort you will get complete satisfaction.



  • Rain Dance,Boating
  • Waterfall,Island
  • Bicycle Ride,Bulluck Cart Ride
  • Tractor Ride,Spacious Lawn
  • Children Play Area


  • Sapacious Car Parking
  • Clean Washrooms, Clean Changing Rooms
  • Food and Dinning Area
  • Baaz and Net for Relaxation
  • Luggage Shelf

Indoor & Outdoor Games

  • Indoor Games :
  • Carrom, Chess, Cards, Sapshidi, Painting, Mud Pottery, etc
  • Outdoor Games :
  • Cricket, Kabbadi, Vitti Dandu,Football etc.

Get your Weekend Plan Sorted with the Best Picnic Resort near Pune


No winter is well spent without a picnic. Have that family discussion of an outing, and all the votes will go to a picnic. And what can be more relaxing and fun when the picnic spot is the best family holiday resort near Pune, the Naturenestt.


As for why Naturenestt is the best family resort near Pune, the answer is nature, nature, and nature. Place the proposal of a picnic holiday to your family and friends at family resorts near Pune. Don’t worry, none will say, “no,” to your proposal.


Outings like a family picnic amidst nature are always appealing. When the picnic spot choice is a family resort that promotes agro-tourism, it is alluring at its best. Naturenestt is an agro-tourism resort, situated wonderfully amidst farmlands near Uruli Kanchan Hadapsar. Explorers who are enthusiastic about agro-tourism cannot miss out on Naturenestt.


Here we not only offer the best family resort near Pune, but we aim to provide the best of village goodness to the visitors. You can bring your family here to breathe in the fresh oxygen. Enjoy the tranquilizing greens, and indulge in an array of activities that can only be found in agro-tourism resorts. 


Re-build sweet memories with your families again

Naturenestt being the best family holiday resort near Pune manifests as a sublime picnic destination. Here you can only think of relaxation and having fun with your loved ones. You will feel connected to the serene surroundings.


Your kids will get to know the earthy essence of an Indian village, and your older family members might recall their bygone days of lesser concrete. What can be more rewarding? To add to the excitement of rural essence, we at Naturenestt offer some enjoyable activities like a bullock cart ride or a tractor ride. It will surely be a memory-making phenomenon. 


That’s not all from the finest of family resorts near Pune. We offer other recreational activities like cricket, a water sport, boating, fishing with the locals, bicycle rides, and other indoor games. 

The kids will love the play area and the expanse of the open agricultural fields.


All these are within a convenient reach from the central city, approximately 30 km of distance. This is a comfortable distance with the family, and your picnic day isn’t spent on the road. Check out our amenities that will lead your trip without any regrets. 


 This resort is a great holiday option for the whole family!

This is the most beautiful and the best family resort in Pune, for the family to celebrate their children picnic holidays and holidays throughout Pune, it can enjoy the nice and beautiful farm greenery that no resort can get.The peculiarity of this resort is that you get the benefit of all the facilities and where you can spend memorable moments with the whole family sitting under tents under the open sky.and to come to this resort, you can book the package according to your ability and take advantage of the best facilities. So why is agro tourism a great option to celebrate a memorable trip with your children and the whole family?



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